Take My Carbon

Canada Produces 17.8 Metric Tonnes of CO2 Per Person!

They ask us to save power. Reduce single-use plastics. Go electric. Recycle. Don’t eat meat. We could all those things at once and we’ll still barely make a dent in total emissions. Why?

We’re being told that the best way to fight the Climate Catastrophe is as individuals, by reducing our carbon footprint. But in truth, each person is only responsible for a fraction of the total emissions, and does not have control over corporate emissions. Do you choose where your power comes from? Do the products you buy tell you how much carbon they emit? Do you choose to stop Canadian fossil fuel exportations? Of course not. As individuals we can only do so much.

The only ones who can actually phase out and ban fossil fuels are governments. How can we convince them to do so?

This is how David can beat Goliath…

Capture Your Carbon

Send It To a Politician

Ask Them To Put It Back Into The Ground